DamRack, Inc.

Damrack, Inc. is an innovative, contemporary and fresh mar-tech and ad-tech holding company of B2C and B2B I-PaaS platforms founded on people, business and connectivity.

We are in the business of providing services and products that fuel revenue, growth and success for local business owners; driven by creativity, innovation, strategy, social trends, data analytics and results;

We offer unparalleled solutions and services that truly differentiate us in the marketplace; and offer an in-depth list of capabilities and experience to drive leadership and innovation in every mar/tech sector.

Its all about People.

At Damrack, Inc., our first connection is with our people. They are our greatest asset. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that attracts, engages and retains the best possible talent.

Our diversity of experiences, backgrounds, locations, viewpoints and ideas is what makes us a great place to work and differentiate us as the place to practice our passion.

We Serve

technology serving you

We bring innovation, automation, creativity, opportunity, affordability and a fresh new izi approach to marketing and advertising your business.

We serve general local retail businesses, franchises, licensees, auto, professional practices, lifestyle, health, wellness and general business services.

We make it izi.

Why DamRack?

Consolidation, Commoditization, Competition, little to no differentiation - there is only Marketing!

Internet is Everything

Social Activity in the billions, connectivity

Trends in demographics, geographics, psychographics, the gap between culture, ethnicity and gender diversification is closing

National Brand Dominance

Efficiencies + Effectiveness; operations, marketing, sales, financial

Cross Collateralization of assets

low cost of entry

DamRack, Inc. Holding Company

Organic, Acquisition, Partner, Affiliate Based
Market Opportunity 209mm adults 18+ National
Intra-Network Connectivity

Mar/Tech – Relationship based, recurring rev,
Investor friendly.

Three year NewCo Holding Objective;
50 strategically relevant MarTech/E-Com
Info based online businesses.


▸ Pat Patregnani, Founder, Chairman, CEO; Former President, CEO
Zimmerman Adv. for 17 years, 35 year veteran marketer
▸ Kevin Nash, Director, Investments Chairperson, Engineer
▸ George Cotter, Director, NSA IT-Solutions (Ret.)
▸ Tom Cucchi, Director, Brigadier General, Pentagon, Pilot
▸ Ron Lewis, Director, Attorney at Law


▸ Pat Patregnani, Founder, Chairman, CEO
▸ Alex Sepkowski, Co-Founder, President, Treasurer
▸ Mitchell Lewis, IT, Senior Programmer
▸ Ron Lewis, Secretary, Corporate Guidance

Investment opportunities still exists at the bottom floor of this venture if interested contact:

Kevin Nash , BOD member


Legal Disclaimer: This information does not constitute offering materials of any kind and no security is being offered hereby.  This information has been prepared solely by DamRack, Inc™ and is not comprehensive.  Should you be interested in this opportunity, we can provide you additional detailed information.  There are substantial risks attendant to an investment in this opportunity; these risks should be considered carefully before making an investment.